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US Fencing

US Fencing

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US Fencing
US fencing demand is forecast to grow 1.2% annually to $12.4 billion in 2027, a significant deceleration from the 2017-2022 period, when market value was boosted by a surge in fencing prices in 2021 and 2022 that resulted from a combination of supply chain issues and rising raw material costs. In real terms, demand is expected to grow nearly 1.0% per year, with a rebound in commercial building construction and nonbuilding construction activity providing opportunities for fence sales; however, a decline in new housing construction will restrain further gains.

Metal Remains Most Popular Fencing Material
Metal fencing products will continue to increase their share of the fencing market as home and business owners continue to favor fencing materials that require less upkeep and have longer lifespans:     Demand for ornamental fencing will rise as homeowners increasingly prefer the appearance, greater durability, and added security of a metal fence over traditional wood fences. In addition, ornamental fencing sales will be boosted by the commercial market, where facilities such as hotels and resorts are choosing more aesthetically pleasing security fencing.     Chain link fencing will benefit from a rebound in commercial building and nonbuilding construction, as this fencing is often favored for locations such as industrial buildings and airports, where durability and ease of maintenance take precedence over more costly fencing with better aesthetics.Aesthetics & Performance Spur Increase in Plastic Fencing’s Share of Demand
Use of plastic fencing surged during the pandemic as shortages and supply chain issues made other fencing materials, such as wood and metal, more difficult to obtain. Building on this momentum, plastic fencing will continue to expand its share of demand as more companies enter the vinyl fencing market, making the product more readily available and leading to greater price competition. Plastic fencing’s popularity will also be boosted by new vinyl fencing products that offer a more wood-like aesthetic, which is especially popular for residential buildings.

Study Description

This Freedonia industry study analyzes the $12 billion US market for fencing. It presents historical demand data (2012, 2017, and 2022) and forecasts (2027 and 2032) as well as annual data for years 2019-2026. Unit demand and value demand data is shown for Fencing by material (metal, wood, plastic, composite, concrete), product type (chain link fencing, wire fencing, ornamental fencing, pipe fencing, privacy fencing, post & rail fencing, split rail fencing, vinyl fencing, hdpe fencing, polypropylene fencing, concrete block fencing, precast concrete fencing, spray-in-place fencing, bamboo fencing, brick fencing, reed fencing, stone fencing, twig fencing) and market (new, improvement, and repair demand in both residential and commercial applications). The study also evaluates company market share and competitive analysis on industry competitors including Barrette Outdoor Living, Master Halco, MAT Holdings, Merchants Metal, Universal Forest Products.

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