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Scrub Daddy - Success Case Study

Scrub Daddy - Success Case Study

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Scrub Daddy - Success Case Study

Scrub Daddy - Success Case Study is part of GlobalData's Success and Failures case study series, which explores the reasons underpinning success or failure, and key learnings. Scrub Daddy is a premium scouring product that has attracted a huge online following and used TV show Shark's Den as a part of the springboard to success.

Scrub Daddy has managed to capture the attention of consumers in an otherwise low-engagement category by smart use of social media. The product itself leans heavily on its aesthetic appeal; a factor often overlooked in this category. The launch was also underpinned by a patented material that changes its softness depending on temperature.

ScopeExplores the background to Scrub Daddy and how a reality TV show helped launch it into the mainstream.Examines the unique selling points that make this product stand out from the crowd in such engagement category.Provides strategic take-outs on why the social media strategy worked so well for Scrub Daddy.Reasons to BuyUnderstand how to leverage influencers in the Household Care sector to the advantage of your brand.Appreciate how everyday objects are still capable of innovation and see what's worked for this brand.Access insight into how Scrub Daddy managed to grow their social media following so quickly and so successfully.

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