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North America Household Cleaning Products Market Outlook, 2028

North America Household Cleaning Products Market Outlook, 2028

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North America Household Cleaning Products Market Outlook, 2028
The North American Household Cleaning Product Market is a dynamic and thriving industry that caters to the cleaning and sanitation needs of millions of households across the United States and Canada. With a strong focus on cleanliness, hygiene, and well-being, the market has seen consistent growth, driven by factors such as increasing urbanisation, changing lifestyles, and heightened awareness of health and environmental concerns. Consumers in North America place great importance on maintaining clean and sanitised living spaces, leading to a steady demand for a wide range of household cleaning products. From multi-purpose cleaners and floor care solutions to dishwashing detergents and bathroom sanitizers, the market offers a diverse array of cleaning products to meet the specific needs and preferences of consumers. In recent years, there has been a noticeable shift towards eco-friendly and natural cleaning products, with consumers seeking formulations that are free from harsh chemicals and harmful toxins. As a result, manufacturers have been keen to respond to this demand, introducing environmentally conscious product lines to capture a growing segment of eco-conscious consumers. Additionally, technological advancements in the industry, such as smart cleaning devices and automated cleaning solutions, have provided further opportunities for growth and innovation. The competition among established cleaning product brands, emerging niche players, and private labels has resulted in a market that continually evolves and innovates to stay ahead in meeting the evolving needs of consumers. As North American households continue to prioritise cleanliness and sanitation, the Household Cleaning Product Market in the region is poised for continued expansion and diversification in the coming years.

According to the research report ""North America Household Cleaning Products Market Outlook, 2028,"" published by Bonafide Research, the Household cleaning products market was valued at USD 38.26 Billion in 2022. North Americans place a high value on personal health and hygiene, and this extends to their living spaces. Clean and sanitised homes are believed to reduce the risk of illness and maintain a healthy environment for families. Furthermore, In North America, regular cleaning is considered a social norm and a part of responsible housekeeping. Homeowners take pride in maintaining clean and presentable living spaces for themselves and their guests. In the United States, the CPSIA sets safety standards for consumer products, including household cleaning products, to ensure they do not pose unreasonable risks of injury or harm to consumers. Furthermore, the EPA regulates the use of chemicals in cleaning products to protect human health and the environment. Cleaning product manufacturers are required to comply with EPA regulations related to chemical testing, labelling, and reporting. The industrial revolution brought about advancements in manufacturing and distribution, making cleaning products more accessible to the general population. The 21st century witnessed a significant shift towards sustainable and eco-friendly cleaning products. Consumers' awareness of environmental issues led to a rise in demand for natural and biodegradable cleaning options. Green cleaning products, free from harsh chemicals and toxins, became increasingly popular, and manufacturers responded by introducing eco-friendly formulations.


Based on countries, the United States, Canada, and Mexico, among them the US dominate the North American Household cleaning products market with more than 70% market share in 2022.

The US has a large and diverse population, which provides a substantial consumer base for household cleaning products. Consumers in the US place high importance on cleanliness and hygiene, driving consistent demand for cleaning products. The US has a relatively high standard of living and disposable income levels, allowing consumers to spend on a wide range of household cleaning products and premium formulations. The US is at the forefront of technological advancements in the household cleaning industry. The market sees frequent introductions of innovative products, such as smart cleaning devices and eco-friendly formulations that cater to consumer preferences and trends. Furthermore, in the future, Canada will grow at the highest CAGR rate. Similar to the US, Canada has experienced a heightened focus on health and hygiene, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. This has led to an increased demand for household cleaning products to maintain clean and sanitised living spaces, contributing to market growth. With evolving consumer lifestyles, there is a higher demand for convenience and efficiency in household chores. This has led to increased interest in automated cleaning solutions and time-saving cleaning products.

Based on the product types segment, which includes laundry detergents, Dishwashing Products, Surface cleaners, floor cleaners, and Toilet Care Products, laundry detergents are dominating the market with the highest market share of above 40% in 2022.

Laundry products, such as laundry detergents, fabric softeners, and stain removers, are used on a regular basis by almost every household. Laundry is a daily or weekly chore, making it one of the most frequently performed cleaning tasks. Manufacturers consistently innovate and improve laundry products, introducing new formulations, scents, and packaging. These innovations attract consumer attention and drive repeat purchases. Furthermore, North Americans often lead busy and fast-paced lifestyles, leaving little time for labour-intensive tasks like hand washing clothes. As a result, there is a strong preference for laundry detergents that offer efficient and effective cleaning in minimal time. Further, surface cleaners and floor cleaners have the second highest market share in the North American market. Surface cleaners and floor cleaners are used frequently in households, offices, and various commercial spaces. Cleaning surfaces and floors is a regular and essential part of maintaining cleanliness and hygiene, leading to a consistent demand for these products. All-purpose surface cleaners are widely used by consumers in North America. These cleaners are designed to clean various surfaces, including kitchen countertops, bathroom tiles, glass, and appliances. They offer convenience and efficiency by eliminating the need for multiple specialised cleaners.

Based on the Application segments considered in this report, which include fabric, kitchen, floor, bathroom, and Others (Windows), among them, fabric is leading the market with more than 50% in 2022.
In North America, fabric is the leading segment, and further, the kitchen is the second-highest market in 2022. The kitchen is where food is prepared, cooked, and handled, making it essential to maintain a clean and hygienic environment to prevent food contamination and ensure food safety. Kitchen surfaces, such as countertops, sink faucets, and cabinet handles, are high-touch areas that can harbour bacteria and germs. Regular cleaning with appropriate disinfectants helps ensure a healthy living environment. North Americans place a strong emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene, especially in food-related areas like the kitchen. Regular cleaning in the kitchen is seen as crucial to maintaining a safe and healthy living space. The culture of convenience in North America drives the popularity of multi-purpose cleaning solutions. Consumers prefer kitchen cleaning products that can effectively clean multiple surfaces, such as countertops, sinks, stovetops, and appliances, reducing the need for multiple specialised products. Kitchen cleaning is often integrated into regular household cleaning routines. Daily and weekly cleaning tasks are performed to keep kitchen surfaces, appliances, and utensils free from stains, spills, and grease. This creates a consistent demand for household cleaning products designed for kitchen use. Increasing environmental consciousness among consumers has driven a growing demand for eco-friendly and sustainable kitchen cleaning products. Consumers are seeking products with biodegradable ingredients, recyclable packaging, and eco-certifications to reduce their environmental impact.

Based on the Nature types, which include Natural and chemical, chemical is leading the market in North America with the highest market share in 2022.

In North America, the chemical segment is having the highest growth compared to the natural segment due to the fact that chemical-based cleaning products are known for their high cleaning efficacy and ability to remove tough stains, grease, and grime effectively. North American consumers value products that deliver visible and immediate cleaning results, making chemical formulations popular choices. Chemical-based cleaning products have been widely available and used in North America for decades. The household cleaning market in the region has a well-established presence of chemical formulations, and consumers are familiar with their use and effectiveness. Furthermore, in the future, the Natural segment will grow at the highest CAGR rate; there is a growing awareness and concern about environmental issues among consumers in North America. More people are seeking products that are eco-friendly, sustainable, and have a reduced impact on the environment. This shift in consumer mindset is driving the demand for natural household cleaning products. Government initiatives and regulations promoting sustainability and eco-friendliness are encouraging the adoption of natural household cleaning products. Increased support for green products and incentives for eco-friendly manufacturing and distribution contribute to the market's growth.

Based on the Distribution channels considered in this report, they include supermarkets and hypermarkets, convenience stores, online retail stores, and other distribution channels. Among them, supermarkets and hypermarkets have the highest market share in 2022.

Supermarkets and hypermarkets will have the highest market share, with more than 40% in 2022. Hypermarkets and supermarkets offer a vast range of household cleaning products from various brands. Consumers can find a comprehensive selection of cleaning solutions, including chemical-based, natural, and eco-friendly options, all in one place. Furthermore Hypermarkets and supermarkets provide a convenient shopping experience, allowing consumers to purchase household cleaning products along with their regular groceries and other household items during a single visit. Some well-known hypermarkets and supermarkets in North America that offer household cleaning products include Walmart, Costa, Target, Kroger, and many more. Further in the future, convenience stores will have the second highest market share. Convenience stores often capitalise on consumers' impulse buying behaviour. Shoppers may visit convenience stores for a quick purchase, and while there, they are more likely to grab household cleaning products that they might have run out of or just realised they need. Convenience stores are known for offering products that cater to immediate or emergency needs. Household cleaning products are often purchased on an as-needed basis, and convenience stores provide a solution for consumers who require these products urgently.

Companies Covered in this report:

Unilever plc, The Procter & Gamble Company, Henkel AG & Co. KGaA, Colgate-Palmolive Company, The Clorox Company, Church & Dwight Co., Inc., Reckitt Benckiser Group plc, Kao Corporation, Amway Corporation, Godrej Consumer Products Limited, Ecolab Inc., McBride plc, Jyothy Labs Ltd, Goodmaid Chemicals Corporation , S. C. Johnson & Son, Inc, Lion Corporation, Dabur Ltd, Bolton Group Srl and Zep Inc.

Considered in this report

• Geography: North America
• Historic year: 2017
• Base year: 2022
• Estimated year: 2023
• Forecast year: 2028

Aspects covered in this report

• North America Household Cleaning Products market Outlook with its value and forecast along with its segments
• Country-wise Household Cleaning Products market analysis
• Various drivers and challenges
• On-going trends and developments
• Top profiled companies
• Strategic recommendation

Country covered in the report:

• US
• Canada
• Mexico

By Products types

• Laundry Detergents (Powder, Liquid, Pod, Fabric Softeners and Conditioners, Stain Remover)
• Dishwashing Products (Liquid, Tablet, Bar, Powder, Paste)
• Surface Cleaner / Floor Cleaner (Floor cleaner, Specialized Cleaner, Multi-Purpose)
• Toilet Care Products (Liquid, In-cisterns & rim Block, other)
• Glass Cleanser Products

By Nature type:

• Chemical
• Natural

By Application:

• Fabric
• Kitchen
• Floor
• Bathroom
• Others (Windows)

By Distribution channel

• Supermarkets/Hypermarkets
• Convenience Stores
• Online Retail Stores
• Other Distribution Channels

The approach of the report:

This report consists of a combined approach of primary and secondary research. Initially, secondary research was used to get an understanding of the market and list the companies that are present in it. The secondary research consists of third-party sources such as press releases, annual reports of companies, and government-generated reports and databases. After gathering the data from secondary sources, primary research was conducted by conducting telephone interviews with the leading players about how the market is functioning and then conducting trade calls with dealers and distributors of the market. Post this; we have started making primary calls to consumers by equally segmenting them in regional aspects, tier aspects, age group, and gender. Once we have primary data with us, we can start verifying the details obtained from secondary sources.

Intended audience

This report can be useful to industry consultants, manufacturers, suppliers, associations, and organisations related to the artificial lawn industry, government bodies, and other stakeholders to align their market-centric strategies. In addition to marketing and presentations, it will also increase competitive knowledge about the industry.

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