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Europe Glamping Market - Focused Insights 2023-2028

Europe Glamping Market - Focused Insights 2023-2028

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Europe Glamping Market - Focused Insights 2023-2028

The Europe glamping market will be valued at around $861 MN in 2022. This report provides complete information regarding consumer preferences and the adoption of glamping in Europe. Glamping combines functionality and aesthetics; hence it appeals to luxury travelers. Staycations are becoming popular, even among glamping enthusiasts. This has also widened the camping changes to a previously untapped market into luxurious accommodations. Furthermore, major players focus on strategic agreements, acquisitions, and collaboration with emerging players to enter the Europe roofing market to gain access to commercially launched products.

KEY HIGHLIGHTS:The UK remains the largest market, but Eastern and Central European countries are the most dynamic. Belgium, Croatia, and Slovenia are some of the emerging glamping destinations that are breathing new life into the glamping market in the region. This is largely because tourism is important for GDP growth in some of these countries. These countries are also taking the sustainability route to reduce environmental pressure and increase economic benefits by tending to eco-travelers. Demographics and profiling potential glamper segments in the region give a well-rounded insight into how the glamping market will do going forward.The outdoor sector has witnessed huge and sustained changes over the past few years, which are expected to continue during the forecast period. With the industry having matured, it is expected to witness many challenges. Delivering authenticity, expanding audience groups, and shifting from the mainstream lifestyle sectors will become incumbent to appeal. Experience is still going to be the most important. Mobile bookings will become more evident in an industry that has largely lagged.Much of Europe perceives camping as a social experience more than a back-to-nature experience. It is the middle-class idea of vacation and is, for the most part, extremely simple. But that is changing due to an increased interest in glamping, with many people showing interest in the activity. It has become a new way of renewing accommodation for certain accommodations across European countries.As millennials enter their peak earning years and others have a higher disposable income since the post-recession days, the concept is expected to grow. Many end-users have not been camping but might choose to glamp instead.The growth of Airbnb also turns the pointer toward a trend where consumers require experiences that are offbeat, authentic, and approachable, breaking the traditional hotel model. Glamping is particularly gaining popularity among those belonging to ABC1 markets and higher social groups.However, camping enthusiasts tend to scoff at the luxury attached to glamping. The lack of knowledge and the minimum basics that combine the safety and the novelty of the luxurious experience also contribute to this. While these challenges are expected to stall the market's growth to some extent, it is unlikely that glamping will slow down any time soon. As venues offering camping experiences have increased, startups have also popped up to serve the growing niche.LIST OF VENDORS

Key VendorsBushtec SafariSawday’s Canopy & StarsEco Retreats Huttopia Wigwam HolidaysOther Prominent VendorsArena CampsitesBIGHEAD Bond FabricationsChateau RamšakConcierge CampingThe ForgeThe Glamping Orchard Killarney Glamping Lanzarote RetreatsLong Valley YurtsREPORT HIGHLIGHTS

MARKET & FORECASTAccommodation (Revenue)CabinsSafari TentsYurtsTreehousesTipisOthersLand Ownership (Revenue)Private LandPublic LandArea (Revenue)RuralUrbanSize (Revenue)4-Person2-PersonOthersEnd-User (Revenue)ConsumersEventsMARKET STRUCTUREMarket DynamicsCompetitive Landscape of Europe GlampingKey VendorsOther Prominent VendorsAPPENDIXResearch MethodologyAbbreviationsAbout Arizton

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