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Lawn & Garden Robots: United States

Lawn & Garden Robots: United States

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Lawn & Garden Robots: United StatesThis report forecasts to 2027 US lawn and garden robot demand in nominal US dollars at the manufacturer level. Total demand is segmented by product in terms of: lawn mower robots; and other lawn and garden robots, which include those that weed, blow snow, or perform a variety of lawn and garden tasks. Total demand is also segmented by market as follows: consumer and commercial.To illustrate historical trends, total demand is provided in annual series from 2012 to 2022; and the various segments are reported at five-year intervals for 2012, 2017, and 2022.Excluded from this report are: robots designed for use in agricultural settings, remote-controlled lawn and garden equipment, products that are add-ons to sprinkler systems or irrigation lines, and smart watering systems.Key macroeconomic indicators are also provided with quantified trends. Other various topics, including profiles of pertinent leading companies, are covered in this report. A full outline of report items by page is available in the Table of Contents.Related NAICS Codes:333111 Farm Machinery & Equipment Mfg333112 Lawn & Garden Tractor & Home Lawn & Garden Equipment Mfg333991 Power-Driven Hand Tool Mfg

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