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Global Freeze-Dried Pet Food Market - 2023-2030

Global Freeze-Dried Pet Food Market - 2023-2030

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Global Freeze-Dried Pet Food Market - 2023-2030
The Global Freeze-Dried Pet Food Market reached US$ 1,084.5 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach US$ 2,192.8 billion by 2030 and is expected to grow with a CAGR of 9.2% during the forecast period 2023-2030.

Freeze-dried pet food undergoes a specific preservation process known as freeze-drying. This process involves removing moisture from the food while preserving its nutrients and flavors. The freeze-drying process begins with the preparation of high-quality ingredients, often sourced from raw pet food suppliers. These ingredients can include a variety of meat or protein sources such as chicken, beef, fish, or even novel proteins like venison or rabbit.

Consumers are showing a growing preference for organic and non-genetically modified organism (non-GMO) products, including freeze-dried pet food. They seek assurance of sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices. For instance, in the United States, the organic freeze-dried pet food market has experienced steady growth, driven by the rising demand for organic bakery products.

Market Dynamics
Convenience and Ease of Storage Freeze-Dried Pet Food is Driving Market
Freeze-dried pet food typically has a longer shelf life compared to other forms of pet food. The removal of moisture during the freeze-drying process helps inhibit the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms, thereby extending the product's shelf life. This extended shelf life provides convenience to pet owners by reducing the frequency of purchasing or restocking pet food.

Freeze-dried pet food is lightweight and often comes in compact packaging, making it highly portable and convenient for pet owners, especially when traveling with their pets. The lightweight nature and reduced space requirements of freeze-dried pet food make it easier to carry and store, enabling pet owners to maintain their pets' preferred diet even when on the go.

Growing Awareness of Food Allergies and Sensitivities is Expected to Foster the Freeze-Dried Pet Market
Pet owners are becoming more aware of the prevalence of food allergies and sensitivities in pets. As a result, they are actively seeking out specialized pet food options that cater to these dietary restrictions. Freeze-dried pet food often offers limited ingredient formulas and specific protein sources, making it an attractive choice for pet owners with pets that have known or suspected food allergies or sensitivities.

Freeze-dried pet food provides an opportunity for pet owners to customize their pets' diets based on specific dietary needs or as part of elimination diets. By offering single protein sources or limited ingredient options, freeze-dried pet food allows pet owners to control and manage their pets' food intake more precisely, addressing potential allergens and sensitivities.

Specific Storage Requirements are Holding Back the Freeze-Dried Pet Food Market

Freeze-dried pet food often requires specific storage conditions to maintain its quality and shelf life. It may need to be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture. These specific storage requirements can pose a challenge for pet owners who have limited storage options available in their homes, such as small apartments or houses without adequate storage space.

The specific storage requirements of freeze-dried pet food may necessitate additional storage arrangements, such as purchasing separate storage containers or using specialized packaging. Pet owners may find this extra effort inconvenient or burdensome, especially if they already have limited space or prefer a simpler storage approach for their pet's food.

COVID-19 Impact Analysis
The COVID-19 Analysis includes Pre-COVID Scenario, COVID Scenario, and Post-COVID Scenario along with Pricing Dynamics (Including pricing change during and post-pandemic comparing it with pre-COVID scenarios), Demand-Supply Spectrum (Shift in demand and supply owing to trading restrictions, lockdown, and subsequent issues), Government Initiatives (Initiatives to revive market, sector or Industry by Government Bodies) and Manufacturers Strategic Initiatives (What manufacturers did to mitigate the COVID issues will be covered here).

Segment Analysis
The global freeze-dried pet food market is segmented based on process, grain type, pet type, and region.

By Grain Type, the Whole Grain Segment is Estimated to have Significant Growth During the Forecast Period

Whole grains offer various nutritional benefits for pets, including a good source of dietary fiber, essential vitamins, and minerals. A wide range of dog and cat food and treats can be freeze-dried. These include raw chicken, beef, turkey, etc. (95% meat, natural or minced and formed), cooked meat, kibble, snacks such as biscuits and mixers, and special treats including protein bars. Kibble is usually 5-15% meat with vegetables, cereals, grain, and relevant vitamins and minerals.

Many pet owners are increasingly seeking pet food products with natural and recognizable ingredients. Whole grains, such as brown rice, oats, or quinoa, are considered natural and provide a healthier alternative to refined grains. The inclusion of whole grains in freeze-dried pet food aligns with the demand for natural ingredients.

Geographical Analysis
Asia Pacific is the Fastest Growing Market in the Freeze-Dried Pet Food Market

The Asia Pacific region has witnessed a significant increase in pet ownership, particularly in countries such as China, Japan, and South Korea. The growing middle class, urbanization, and changing lifestyles have led to a higher demand for pet companionship. According to Euromonitor, dry pet food is still the dominating format in the global pet food market, encompassing nearly 60% of all pet foods sold in 2020.

The Asia Pacific market has been adopting Western pet food trends, influenced by globalization and exposure to international brands. Freeze-dried pet food, which originated in Western markets, has gained popularity in the region due to its perceived health benefits and premium positioning. The adoption of these trends has contributed to the growth of the freeze-dried pet food market in the Asia Pacific.

Competitive Landscape
The major global players in the market include Bravo Pet Foods, Primal Pet Foods, Steve's Real Food, Stella & Chewy's, LLC, Vital Essentials, Champion Petfoods, Stewart Brand Dog Food, Carnivora, K9 Natural, and Wisconsin Freeze Dried.

Why Purchase the Report?
• To visualize the global freeze-dried pet food market segmentation based on process, grain type, pet type, and region, as well as understand key commercial assets and players.
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The global Freeze-Dried Pet Food market report would provide approximately 61 tables, 56 figures and 190 Pages.

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