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Europe Honey Market - Industry Outlook & Forecast 2023-2028

Europe Honey Market - Industry Outlook & Forecast 2023-2028

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Europe Honey Market - Industry Outlook & Forecast 2023-2028
The Europe honey market is expected to reach USD 4.24 billion by 2028.

KEY FINDINGSThere is a surge in the use of honey as a natural sweetener in the Europe honey market. Honey is used as a substitute for sugar and corn syrup.Eu is only 60% self-sufficient in honey. Most European countries import honey from other countries to fulfill the demand.The utilization of honey is increasing in processed food to increase the nutritional value of products.The e-commerce sector is growing rapidly in Europe, and the demand for honey from online platforms has increased rapidly in the last few years.Many research studies have shown that honey is very effective in treating various diseases; for instance, in treating cancer, honey is used to lower the effects on the human body.MARKET TRENDS & DRIVERS

Growing Popularity of Honey-Based Skin Care & Beauty Products

As honey is rich in many nutrients, it is widely used to treat the skin. In the personal care and cosmetics industry, honey is used in creams, cleansers, face wash, and many other items. It is used for holding skin moisture, reducing acne, smoothening the skin, and as an anti-aging agent in the cosmetics industry. People prefer good quality products to avoid harmful effects on the skin. The growing consciousness about healthy skin is driving the honey-based cosmetics market. Thus, the demand for honey is expected to increase in the Europe honey market during the forecast period.

A Surge in the Usage of Honey as a Natural Sweetener

Honey has many advantages over sugar. Honey has a lower GI value than sugar, which means it does not increase blood sugar levels as quickly as sugar. Honey has very high nutritional value, so consumers prefer to buy it and like the characteristics of sweetness, texture, and flavor. Honey is used in the small-scale industry or in-house for making baked products, beverages, confectionery, marmalades, candy, spreads, and jams. Thus, many companies are working on reducing sugar in food products and trying honey as a substitute for sugar. Thus, the honey demand is expected to increase, supporting market growth.



The Europe honey market by application is segmented into nutrition, medicine, and skincare & beauty. In 2022, the nutrition segment dominated the market share, accounting for over 72%. There has been a rise in awareness towards healthy eating habits and health consciousness; people increasingly prefer food enriched with extra nutrition. By consuming honey, people can get all such benefits from honey. The nutritional content in honey helps to improve the digestion system and fulfill the requirement for body function and metabolism. As honey has many health benefits and increases awareness about health among Europeans, the consumption of honey for various applications is increasing. The rising number of diseases increases the consumption of nutritional value-based products in Europe.

Segmentation by ApplicationNutritionSkin Care & BeautyMedicineINSIGHTS BY END USER

The Europe honey market by the end user is segmented into individuals, food & beverage companies, personal care & cosmetics manufacturers, and others. Other segments are divided into sub-segments, such as individuals, food & beverage companies, personal care & cosmetics manufacturers, and others. In 2022, the individual segment accounted for the highest Europe honey market share. In European countries, the demand for raw honey is very high. The companies are putting logos as organic cultivated honey and gaining attraction of the consumers to buy their products. People prefer unprocessed, natural honey, rich in nutrition and flavourful honey. Further, there is rising demand for honey-based products, and companies require more raw honey as the various diseases are rising in Europe, where honey is the best solution for the treatment. Pharmaceutical companies have started increasing the honey demand for making honey-based pharmaceutical products contributing to the growth of the Europe honey market.

Segmentation by End UsersIndividualsFood & Beverage CompaniesPersonal Care & Cosmetics ManufacturersOthersREGIONAL ANALYSIS

EU-5 region is a leading player in the Europe honey market due to the rising adoption of the diet pattern and health consciousness in the EU-5 countries. Due to the developed countries, the awareness about using honey for health benefits is increasing in the EU-5 countries. Further, in EU-5, awareness about skin health is increasing. People prefer natural products for skin care and beauty purpose. As honey has the property of removing acne and providing glowing skin and is used in pore cleansers and others, people are asking for honey-based cosmetics products.

Segmentation by GeographyEU-5GermanyFranceItalyUKSpainCentral, Eastern, & Southern EuropeRussiaPolandGreeceSwitzerlandNetherlandsCzech RepublicHungaryRomaniaAustriaBulgariaCroatiaNordic RegionSwedenFinlandCOMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE

The Europe honey market is highly fragmented as many manufacturers and individual beekeepers who have maintained beehives are present across the region. There are a few major players present in the Europe honey market, such as New Zealand Honey Co. (New Zealand), Comvita (New Zealand), Lamex Food Group (UK), Valeo Food Group (UK), and many more are offering the high-quality honey in the region. As various diseases and health-related problems, such as cancer, diabetes, overweight, obesity, and heart stroke, are increasing in various countries, the consumption of nutrient-based products such as vitamins, proteins, minerals, and others is also increasing in the region.

Key Company ProfilesNew Zealand Honey Co.ComvitaLamex Food Group LimitedValeo Foods GroupLangnese HonigOther Prominent VendorsOha, Honey LPThe London Honey Co.PastiliBilboHilltopLittleover Apiaries Ltd.Streamland Biological Technology Ltd.Just BeeNestleJoh.Gottfr. Schütte GmbH & Co. KGFamille MichaudFileomeraFursten Reform Dr. med. Hans Plumer GmbH & Co. KGKEY QUESTIONS ANSWERED:

1. How big is the Europe honey market?

2. What is the growth rate of the Europe honey market?

3. What are the significant trends driving the growth of the Europe honey market?

4. Who are the key players in the Europe honey market?

5. What region holds the most prominent Europe honey market share?

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